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Strategic Marketing & Business Development to help your business become competitive, productive, and profitable.

Echelon Consulting, LLC is a business development and marketing consulting firm based out of Lafayette, Louisiana. We specialize in healthcare marketing and business development for a variety of healthcare companies including hospitals, physicians, pharmacies, therapy centers, and medical equipment companies. Our firm has many concentrations, which include but are not limited to: strategic marketing plans, company branding, bariatric surgery program development and improvement, direct physician marketing, and social media and website development. Our number one goal is to help each one of our clients achieve optimal business performance by helping with program development, strategic marketing, advertising, branding, training, staffing, direct physician outreach and marketing, and reimbursement.

Echelon Consulting, LLC

Bariatric Surgery Consulting Service Offerings:

  • New Bariatric Program Development & Implementation
    • Program Leadership/Staff Management
  • Existing practice/program evaluation
    • Seminar Evaluations & Improvements
    • Establishing efficiencies and strategies to increase and optimize revenues
  • Managed Care Contract Reimbursement Strategies
    • Competitive Self Pay Pricing
  • Centers of Excellence evaluation/compliance review
  • Brand Development
    • Developing & executing media planning strategies
    • Developing comprehensive marketing, advertising, and public relations strategies and campaigns
    • Creation of direct marketing collateral.

Business Development & Marketing Strategy:

  • Customer branding including logo design
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
    • Including Advertising Campaign & Placement
    • Social Media
    • Website Development & Maintenance
    • Competitive Market Analysis
  • Direct Customer Marketing
    • We provide staffing for any direct physician marketing you may need.
  • Staffing & Training
  • Reimbursement

Who Are We?

Elizabeth Grayson Landry, owner, started Echelon Consulting in 2011 after seeing the need for healthcare companies to strategically align themselves in a competitive, modern marketplace. She developed a passion for bariatric surgery while working as a surgical device sales representative for Ethicon Endo Surgery, a Johnson & Johnson Company, as well as during her time as a Director of a Bariatric Surgery & Wellness Program at Lafayette General Medical Center. She was inspired to help other bariatric surgery programs as well as weight loss surgery patients by helping improve their bariatric surgery programs. Due to the overwhelming request for help by a variety of healthcare companies, she expanded her consulting to healthcare businesses. Echelon Consulting LLC was formed in 2011. Her team has quickly expanded to include graphic designers & website gurus, physician marketing representatives, and sales staff.

Elizabeth has a Bachelor Degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She is currently pursuing her MBA with a healthcare concentration. Elizabeth has over 10 years of experience as a small business owner, healthcare business development, medical sales and marketing, surgical device sales, and hospital management & leadership. She lives in Lafayette, Louisiana with her husband Paul and three shihtzu puppies Mookie, Bella Grace, and their newest rescue Mocha.

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